Job-site Delivery: 25+ Yrs. Experience.

Orchard Sales and Service, owned by James & Michelle Kristynik, with 25+ years of experience, supplying construction, and safety equipment to the construction, industrial, and municipal markets. We are distributors for brands such as Diamond Products, Unibor, and Camel Abrasives. Our goal is to supply you with quality products at competitive prices and to give you the personal service that you deserve.

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Steel & Masonry C/O Wheels, Flap Disc, Grinding Wheels, Cup Rocks, Hand Rubs


Brands: CGW, Norton, Bullard

Air Tools:


Impact Wrenches, Rivet Buster


Brands: Taylor Pneumatic, APT: American Pneumatic Tool

Bent Bolts:


U-bolts, Eyebolts, Foundation Bolts


Brands: Handy Hardware



Wedge type, Carbon & SS, Chemical


Brands: MKT Fastening



Concrete SDS, Spline, SDS Max, Adaptors, Chisels, Rebar Cutter


Brands: Tru-Cut, Driltec, Relton



Diamond, Carbide, Masonry, Wood


Brands: Dixie Diamond, Diamond Products, Irwin



Grade 2, 5, 8, Structural, SS, Galvanized


Brands: Star S.S., Brigton Best, Stelfast, XL Screw

Brooms & Brushes:


Street, Warehouse, Concrete Fishing, Wire Cup


Brands: Weiler, Lasswell, Magnolia

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Phone: (713) 582-2736

1 (866) 478-9936

Fax: (979) 478-6262




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